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Feed your dog with the highest-quality food

Premium foods are not found on the nutrition label; they are found in the quality and source of ingredients. That's why we at Happy Home focus on high quality ingredients, to provide your dog with- strong bones and teeth, healthy skin and glossy coat, healthy digestive system and and stronger immune system..

Everything we do at Happy Home is guided by our love for dogs and for long have studied and observed to understand them – this is directly shown in how we approach their nutrition.

At Happy Home our nutritional difference is not only based on our dedication to dietary requirements of pets but also our forward thinking approach to advanced nutrition. Our formulas are tailored by life stage and our unique blend of minerals help your dog to be more trainable and ultimately learn faster.

Quality Standard

We’re committed to quality ingredients and strict safety standards.


Good nutrition is the foundation of your dog's healthy-life and nobody knows good nutrition better than Happy Home.

100% complete and balanced nutrition
Give your dog a complete healthy recipes rich in high-protein and antioxidant

Obedience and Rally Food

We are committed to developing, manufacturing and marketing high quality premium dog foods.

The nutrient (Fatty acid DHA) found in the milk of nursing dogs promotes healthy brain growth. This has been proven to be true in the sense that a study conducted with DHA rich diet showed that puppies that were fed with those diets consistently outperformed puppies that were not fed with DHA rich diet in a maze test.
In view of this, Experts recommends to start diet optimization with puppy foods that have fatty acid DHA to build mental alertness and readiness for collaborative team work in dogs. Happy Home pet foods are rich in Fatty acid DHA which serves as the best brand for building mental alertness in dogs.